Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum

Stemfactor Growth Factor Serum


Stemfactor (Growth Factor Serum) utilizes exosomes that encapsulate growth factors and proteins helping to increase penetration and stability. Stemfactor acts to gently restore all aspects of skin aging and damage, help the repair process and stimulate new cells to build collagen and elastin.


It encourages multiple cell type growth to repair and replace damaged cells. Helps accelerate skin rejuvenation and scar repair. Promotes younger, clearer skin.


For all skin types. Aging Skin.


Massage 1-2 pumps into the skin followed by 4-5 sprays of Clear or Clear Plus+ to maximise penetration of product into the skin, ensuring results.


Infuse or Boost must be used in conjunction will all our serums to maximise absorption of serums into the skin. Spray 4-5 pumps after serum and massage into the skin. May repeat, if desired. This is a vital part of the Osmosis protocol to achieve maximum results.