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Get a gorgeous Bronze Tan in a choice of Light, MedIum or Dark with our Natural Organic Solution from Vutan Australia.

Our Experienced Therapists will make you feel comfortable and look fabulous.


Did you know that a tan can make you look up to 5kg slimmer!!! and help to hide freckles, cellulite, scars and marks!!

Save your skin from sun-damage and strap marks...


Full Body Spraytan



Half Body Spray Tan



How does a Spraytan Work?

A fine mist of tanning solution is sprayed over your whole body or just the parts you require. Your skin looks tan immediately with the bronzer made of natural caramelized sugars. The developer is a colourless liquid like a vitamin B called Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) It is a naturally occuring protein that is now the safe, healthy and most popular way to achieve a sunless tan.

The DHA turns only the top layers of your skin brown as it bonds with your own skins acids. DHA does not penetrate deeper or damage your melanin cells or damage your DNA.

What will I look like after and How long will the Spraytan last?

Your skin will have a gorgeous tan immediately with our Organic Spraytan Solution with no nasty chemicals. The lasting Brown tan will develop after 2-4 hours ,after which you can shower off the excess.  This spraytan will last about 5 days at the same colour, after those 5 days it starts to fade like a natural suntan as your skin sheds every week. Our Spraytan is Safe with Organically certified ingredients plus FDA approved and non-toxic. It is Safe to use when pregnant and extremely rare to experience a sensitivity

What do I need to do to prep before the tan?

Please bring Loose Dark Clothing and open footwear.

Wax legs 24 hours prior

No body lotion, makeup, deoderant or jewelery

You can request Light, Medium or Dark Colouring

Complimentary Disposable G-String & Hair-net Available

Will it be streaky or orange?

Our Spraytan does not turn orange. The final colour depth of your tan is affected by the original colour of your skin and how the DHA reacts to your skin type, hormones, current medication and your health.

Any dry rough skin and eczema can result in uneven patches. We endeavour to spray your body as evenly as possible, but what you do before and after the spraytan will determine the evenness and how long it lasts. Many brands of soaps and shower gels and body lotions can wash the tan off earlier than usual. Also, exfoliating and swimming pool chlorine can shorten the life of your tan. To extend the life of your tan use our own RENEWSKIN "Body Silk Oils" or our Tan Extender, Tan Wash & Tan Moisturizer.

How do I look after my tan (aftercare) ?

Wait 2-4 hours before showering

Avoid tight clothing and sweating while tan is developing.

Avoid water splashed on skin while developing.

Have a gentle shower with no soap or scrubbing. Rinse off the excess bronzer then moisturize.

Daily moisturizer helps the tan last longer....while keeping your skin in better condition.

Try our "Body Silk Oils" ...100% Natural and delicious, subtle, summery, coconut/lime aroma.

Vutan brand Tan Extender has the tan developer in it to actually 'top-up' your Tan.