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Treat... Pigmentation, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Brown Spots, Melasma, Freckles, Redness, Red Veins, Broken Capillaries, Acne Scars, Skin Firmness, Elasticity & Texture. 

VPL Pigment Reduction & Rejuvenation is great for the Face, Neck, Decollete & Back of Hands. As well as pigment reduction, it also stimulates collagen production to plump out fine lines and wrinkles.

Red Vein Reduction treatment has immediate results.

All is suitable for most skin types and ages as the Pulsed Light energy is safe with no downtime.

The VPL Pulsed Light directly targets Pigment. After 1-2 weeks pigment comes to the surface and flakes away leaving clearer, brighter skin.


Full Face

Back of Hands

Cheek Spots

Neck & Decollete

Small Areas

Multiple Areas








30 minute Consultation includes Test Patch & Quote.

Other areas quoted on request





What is VPL Pigment Reduction & Skin Rejuvenation & Red Vein Reduction?

Our Pigment Reduction Technology uses the Latest Generation Variable Pulsed Light VPL Machine. There are many types of pulsed light machines to help reduce pigment. Our Pulsed Light energy targets the melanin (colour) in the skin and selectively heats it and breaks it up so it comes to the surface in 1-2 weeks and sheds as dry flaky skin. Small, red surface veins are closed immediately.

Why VPL Pulsed Light?

Our Energist brand VPL has been a leader in Pulsed Light since 1999. Energist VPL is regarded worldwide as one of the best and most reliable Pulsed Light devices for Permanent Hair reduction, Skin Rejuvenation, Pigment reduction, Pigment Reduction and Superficial vascular Facial Red Veins. The VPL Variable setting means that it can adjust to different skin types.

What does it feel like?

At each treatment, the brown spots and areas of your skin will be targeted by the light pulse that feels like a quick hot flick. Melanin brown areas will turn even darker at that session or over the next three days. Then the dark cells will migrate to the surface and shed and flake off over the next 1-3 weeks. Resulting in more even-looking skin.

How many Treatments do I need?

Results are individual and some clients will have an amazing result in one session. Others want 2-3 sessions to achieve the more-even and brighter skin they desire.  Treatments required will vary from person to person. Skin smoothness, texture and acne scars will also see a great benefit from 2-3 sessions. Many clients enjoy skin improvements and age-reversal with annual sessions.

When do I start?

Usually 1-3 treatments are completed during the winter months of April to November, so your skin is no longer being exposed to the strong sun.

What can I expect for results?

The amount of Pigment Reduction and Skin Rejuvenation will vary from person to person and desired results may take time. After 3-4 weeks you should really notice a Fresher, Brighter, more youthful Complexion. For Maximum improvements and faster results, you will need to follow the instructions from your Therapist/Technician. Then you can enjoy your Brighter, Clearer, Smoother, Even-Looking Skin.

How do I prepare myself?

Refrain from microdermabrasion, peels, waxing or plucking or bleaching the areas for 2 weeks prior and after treatment. Check any contra-indications of medication you are taking with your Doctor. Avoid sun exposure, sunbeds, spraytans and tanning products for 2 weeks prior and after treatments. Wear sunblock throughout the day.

What is the AfterCare?

The treated area may be pink and have a warm sensation, mild swelling or even be itchy for a few days. You can apply a cool compress, ice, Aloe Vera or Healing products that your technician recommends like Lakoko natural Balm or Renew Skin Nourish Oil or Osmosis Immerse. Occasionally small scabs may form, so do not pick or rub these areas. Pat dry after washing and apply the healing/soothing product. Protect area from Sun exposure. Apply a Sunblock (spf30) and avoid sun exposure for 6 weeks after a treatment. Avoid sunbeds, spraytans and tanning products for 2-3 weeks after and between treatments. Wear Sunblock throughout the day.

After treatments you may notice your skin is dryer for the next 2-3 weeks, so keep applying Balms and Oils several times a day. The aftercare serums and moisturisers are part of the improvement process, so please follow the product recommendations so you attain the desired results. It is recommended you wait 1-2 weeks before exfoliating with a gentle product like Osmosis Cranberry Enzyme Polish. Ideally book a Cleansing and Hydrating Medi-Facial with your Therapist for the best results.