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How long does hair need to be before waxing?

For maximum results, hair will need to be around  a minimum of 3mm in length for the wax to grip properly. Aprox the length of a grain of rice.

Will waxing hurt?

Every person has a different level of sensitivity. We use the best quality wax and experienced therapists to make you as comfortable as possible. Some areas are more sensitive than others, so be prepared for your level of usual tolerance to a medium pain level as we can't promise it won't hurt. Teenagers can wax if accompanied by a parent.

How can I make waxing less painful?

Schedule waxing regularly so the hair is not too long. Exfoliate 24 hours prior to appointment. Take a panadol or Ibruprofen 30 min before. The more often you wax, the easier the hair is to remove. Hair also becomes finer, softer and more sparse the more often you wax.

Will I be red after waxing?

Some people will be pink for a few minutes, while others will be red for a few hours or more. You also may see a few red spots where the hair has been pulled out by the root. This is normal and will disappear shortly. Use our "Bump Eraser" lotion to prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliate and moisturise often to keep your skin in the best condition for waxing. We recommend rejuvenating your skin with our natural "Body Silk Oil" by Renew.

How often should I wax?

We recommend every 4-6 weeks. If hairs get any longer than 2cm it can be more uncomfortable. We can wax areas that have been shaved 2 weeks earlier.

How soon after can I have a Spraytan?

We recommend waiting 24 hours for the hair follicles to close over so no spraytan gets into the pores and looks like darker spots.

What should I do or not do after waxing?

After your wax we recommend waiting 24 hours before you swim, go on a sunbed or sweat excessively in case the areas becomes irritated. Also avoid for 24 hours, exfoliation, deodorant and and products with chemicals. We recommend exfoliating with gloves or mitt about 3 days after waxing to avoid ingrown hairs.

Avoid shaving between waxes. Ask your Therapist if you have any concerns or personal preferences with waxing. Ask about our "Bump Erazer" lotion to prevent ingrowns.

Can I get a Bikini Wax or Brazilian if I am pregnant?

Yes you can and it is very popular to wax up to one week before the due date. Our therapists are trained to ensure safety and comfort. Our wax will not leave you sticky and your experience should be of minimal discomfort.

What sort of wax do we use?

For the Face, Underarms. Bikini and Brazilian, we use a wax that is spread onto the skin with a spatula, it cools and drys and is then peeled away along with the hair. This is the easiest, least painful way and pulls the hair from the root giving slower regrowth time. The legs, arms, back and chest use a strip wax from a roller that spreads on a thin layer of wax and is then removed using a paper strip.